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Pregnancy Bracelet

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Blessing/Joy/New Life

This beautiful bracelet is made with natural Sunshine or Peach Moonstone and Carnelian (also known in some places as Red Agate).  This bracelet is to wear when you want to feel present during your pregnancy or when getting pregnant, during any kind of fertility treatment.

Sunshine or Peach Moonstone is believed to be a woman’s stone for love and fertility. It promotes hormonal balance and strengthens your immune system. It also alleviates anxiety and brings peace, joy and harmony to whoever wears it.

Carnelian, also known sometimes as Red Agate, is the stone of energy, passion and joy.  This natural stone helps to balance the Second Chakra which is connected to the reproductive system. It is also a protective stone and a source of vitality and renovation.

The bracelet has a 925 silver Flower Charm with natural enamel.

When using your Pregnancy bracelet, use this affirmation:  “I love each stage of my pregnancy and I accept it as the gift of love and maximum expression of life.”