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"The Soul on Fire: Live Your Absolute Best Life Now" - Print Book

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Does your life require an upgrade? Is it time to get out of the stuckness, frustration, depression, and overwhelm?

The Soul on Fire is not just a book-it is a revolutionary, energetic journey inviting you to new possibilities for living. It is full of innovative, practical tools, journal prompts, and daily exercises, as well as digital resources in your special online Member's Area, designed to invite you to step into your greatness.

You will learn how to reconnect with your inner child and its treasure chest of wonders. You will practice effective tools for listening to the intuitive wisdom of your body. The body always knows more than your mind; it's connected with the future and the space of immense possibilities available for your life. You will practice identifying your body's signals as you work with stress, communication, empowered living, money, relationships, sex, femininity, leadership, and living your purpose in the world. Above all, you will reclaim the ease and joy of being alive!

Are you ready to live the life that you came here for? 

Are you ready to set the world on fire?