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Perfect Skin Probiotic Microbiome Balance Lotion

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This probiotic formula is perfect for red/reactive skin types that are off balance, inflamed and hormonally breaking out. Use after cleansing and toning twice daily.

Azulene Complex, Blue Tansy lotion helps to repair overworked skin, while soothing red and reactive skin. The probiotics help restore the acid mantle (our protective layer) and give skin the ability to heal.

Skin Type: hormonal/sensitive/rosacea/eczema

Key Ingredients:

Hyaluronic to help retain and capture moisture

Calendula, Nettle + Marshmallow Root to help ease inflammation + allow for rapid skin healing

Azulene Complex of Blue Tansy, Chamomile + Yarrow to reduce redness and reactivity.

Net wt 1fl oz/30ml